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David's House Services

In-Home and Community

Independent Living Skills

Daily life skills are essential to one's independence. Personalized, one-to-one coaching will teach you the skills
needed to complement existing skills. A service plan is designed to meet unique needs and addresses such areas as:


Personal Hygiene

Cooking and Kitchen Skills

Household Upkeep





Why We Do What We Do

Teens and young adults are seen in their familiar home environment and in the community to provide direct facilitation on the skills needed for independence.  The majority of students with developmental disabilities are being taught skills that are artificial or not age-appropriate. This leads to a gap in what can be performed in a classroom setting versus real-world experiences. For example, John can fold a piece of paper in halves and even quarters, BUT he can't fold his clothes. He can sort blocks by color; up to 10 different colors, BUT he can't sort clothes; white from colors for washing. 

Did you know?

Nearly 70% of parents of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder report their child would be unable to live independently without support. David's House aims to assist parents in teaching their child the daily life skills necessary to be self-sufficient and live independently through a regimented personalized checklist of existing and needed skills to be acquired. An independent living skills service plan is designed to meet your unique needs and includes:

Activities appropriate to your lifestyle.

Teaching methods catered to your individual learning style.

Opportunities to learn new skills and develop existing skills.

Access to community-based resources and supports.


David’s House, LLC


Functional Independence for Everyone

Given the rise in autism diagnoses in the last 10 years, there is an ever-increasing need for services for people on the autism spectrum.

Early Intervention, school systems, and pediatric therapy centers offer support and assistance to younger children. As these children age, these services diminish.

Autism Support classrooms are highly language-based, and do not provide the proper life skills training these children will need to be as independent as possible, from everything to their basic self-care and household responsibilities, to finances and job opportunities.

As autism is a developmental disorder, these children require more time and support than their typical peers to learn and master the skills they need for independence.

We at David's House believe that every person deserves the opportunity to live as independently as possible, even if full independence is not achieved.


About the Owner

Mary Beiler is the mother of two sons on the autism spectrum and is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. Through her work with children and from experience with her sons, Mary began to see a gap in services for teens and young adults. She created David's House to meet the needs of these young people and to challenge them with real-world experiences beyond the confines of a classroom. Mary understands the fear and worry that accompanies raising a child with special needs, and aims to help other families prepare for the future with a preventive mindset in an effort to avoid the proverbial "falling off the cliff" when these children graduate from high school.

David's House serves Central PA, including York, Lancaster, Cumberland and Dauphin counties, as well as northern Maryland.



Hours by Appointment


Mary Beiler

Founder and Owner




You will find Mary incredibly helpful with her blend of clinical skills through being a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant and her love and passion for this population. She will do a thorough assessment and share her expertise with you in a kind and thoughtful way that helps you determine how to best prepare for success and independence. While every parent works hard to prepare their child to be independent, there is no substitute for a knowledgeable resource to walk along side you during this journey. Mary will celebrate with you every step of the way!

Sarah Mattern, Director of Operations at the Center For Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Lancaster

Mary's passion for this population is priceless! This is a much needed service within our community, highlighting an individual's strengths to increase their potential and ability to be independent. Mary has striven for this level of independence within her own family, and her personal and professional experience will make this level of care to be a success in so many ways!

Karen Ahern, Program Supervisor for Wellspan's Autism Program